Firefighters called to get horse and cow back on their feet

Fire engine
Fire engine

A horse had to be put down after it was unable to stand yesterday (Wednesday February 13).

However, earlier in the day a cow was raised to its feet in Partridge Green.

Firefighters were called to a stable off Haven Road in Bucks Green around 12.30pm.

The large horse was down in the stable and couldn’t get back up.

It was taken to a field using animal rescue equipment and attempts made to get it to its feet.

Lifting equipment was used from Crawley’s heavy rescue tender.

However, all attempts failed and the vet in attendance put the horse down.

A couple of hours earlier firefighters went to a farmyard in Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green.

A cow was unable to get up and the emergency service successfully got it back to its feet using a winch and specialist equipment.