Firefighters called to ‘distressed’ Shoreham residents during flood

LAST Thursday night the River Adur burst its banks and a tidal surge swept from New Road to East Street affecting homes and businesses in Shoreham.

Shoreham firefighters were called out to a property on Brighton Road at 12.30am last Thursday night and encountered ‘distressed’ calls from residents along the rest of Brighton Road.



Jon Peake, Shoreham Fire Station, said: “Well there was lots of water that’s for sure. The water stretched from New Road to East Street.

“We got called out at approximately 12.30am last night and were in the town centre for and hour and a half.

“Basically there was a huge tidal surge and the river banks flooded.

“Brighton Road was the worst affected and we dealt with flooded properties and the Frosts garage.

“We pumped most of the water away. We got called out to one property on the Brighton Road and then neighbours started calling out to us.

“Yes there was distress, I won’t lie.

“By the time we left the tide had receded, water levels were dropping and the properties were in no further threat.

“Shoreham Airport and the Adur Rec were quite heavily covered, but this is low lying reclaimed land so that is bound to happen.”

Frosts garage, Brighton Road, Shoreham was among businesses affected in the town.

A spokesperson from Shoreham Frosts said: “We were not submerged. The windows actually held the water back.

“The effect to us is not as dramatic as everyone is saying.

“There are puddles in the showroom and two damaged sockets this morning and that is the only sign of flooding.

“It’s not as bad inside as it is outside. We will be open for business this afternoon as normal.”

Shoreham Airport stated: “Due to the severe flooding, the airport is closed to inbound aircraft but open to pilots wishing to relocate their aircraft in the short term, which we recommend for the next 24 hours.

“We are currently awaiting an update from the environment agency and the situation is being assessed at the moment with the next high tide due at 13:45.”

Areas worst hit were Brighton Road and Shoreham Airport and the situation will be reassessed at high tide this afternoon.

Anthony Smith, media relations, Ricardos, just off the Old Shoreham Road, said: “It was unexpected but based on our initial assessment there is only superficial damage, there is no damage to our products or computers. But your heart does go out to those badly affected and we are comparatively very fortunate.”