Fine display at the Rare Breeds show despite rain

Supreme Champion cow.  Photo: Richard Cooke.
Supreme Champion cow. Photo: Richard Cooke.
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MORE than 3,500 visitors defied the rain on Sunday to attend the Singleton Show for Rare and Traditional Breeds at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum.

They were rewarded with an outstanding display of more than 600 different cattle, sheep, pigs and goats competing for awards. A wide variety of poultry and rabbits from West Sussex and Hampshire groups on display together with the alpacas made up a amazing collection of rare and popular breeds.

The judges commented on the high standard of the stock, particularly the pigs, with the highest ever entry of rare breeds. This year Singleton hosted the Portland Sheep Breeders Group National Premier Show.

The supporting trade stands reflected the use of rare breeds promoting the use of fleece and wool garments, specialist meat products and country life theme and of course all the visitors had access to the entire Open Air Museum.

The Handspun marquee contained the fleece and handspun classes including hand knitted clothing, rugs and wall hangings plus felt items and the ever popular skein of wool classes.

It demonstrated the wide range of talents of southern counties and Isle of Wight spinners and weavers with more than 120 entries.

All items were made from handspun yarn using fleece from rare, minority or traditional breeds eligible for the show.

The Champion Fleece Winners, based at Albourne, were Mr & Mrs MG and DG Stafford. Their Black Wensleydale, Albourne Jessie, was was also the Champion Longwool Sheep, making them double winners with wool on and off the hoof.

A developing feature was the sale of more than ninety non-competition rare breed fleeces, snapped up by eager enthusiasts.

The Championship awards were presented by Mrs Susan Pyper, Lord Lieutenant West Sussex, who is vice president the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum and Mr Rupert Uloth, deputy editor of Country Life Magazine.

The top Supreme Interbreed Championship awards went to Nicola O’Connell for her Gloucester cow, DA Humphries & EA Thomas, for their Shetland Ram, Mrs K Johnson for her Golden Guernsey Goat and Mr and Mrs Westron for their Berkshire pig.

The Junior Stockperson for the year is Alice Langley who led her Dexter cow. A special mention was made of Amy Page, the Best Young Handler Sheep aged eight to 14 years, with her entry which also won the Southdown Sheep Championship.

The West Sussex Gazette Cup and Sash for the Supreme Interbreed Cattle Champion was won by Nicola O’Connell’s Gloucester, Bentfield Crocus.


PRIMITIVE SHEEP - Champion, Caroline Fitzgerald’s Hebridean. Reserve, Mr and Mrs A J Harwood’s Castlemilk Mooret. Primitive best of breed- M&V Beesley’s Boreray; Mr and Mrs A J Harwood’s Castlemilk Mooret; Caroline Fitzgerald’s Hebridean. Hebridean.

MANX LOAGHTAN- Champion (Webbs Green Cup)- Mr A R Bryan’s Peppard John ; Reserve, Mr A R Bryan @ Peppard Gwyn. Best Trio (Ronasvoe Shield) - Mr AR Bryan.

SHETLAND (The Shetland Sheep Cup) Champion DA Humphries & EA Thomas, Seaxpenne Ram; Reserve DA Humphries & EA Thomas, Shearling Ewe 1.

DOWNS Breeds excluding Southdown - The Downs Sheep Champion Cup Champion - Mr KD Rashley & Ms S Tooze, Dorset Down Ram Lamb; Reserve M Newell’s Wiltshire Horn.BEST OF BREED - DOWNS, Dorset Down - Mr KD Rashley & Ms S Tooze,Ram Lamb. Coloured Ryland - Mrs L Coleman, Somerford Laser. Wiltshire Horn - M Newell, Cyn Farwy Iorwerth.

SOUTHDOWN SHEEP The Southdown Sheep Cup Champion-Amy Page’s Ram. Reserve - Goodwood Estate Ltd’s Ram Lamb 1. GREY FACED DARTMOOR The Virginia Lyon Tankard, Champion, Mrs Sadie James. Reserve Champion, Christine Nugent’s Shearling Ewe

LONGWOOL Champion Cup, Champion MJ & GD Stafford’s Albourne Jessie, Black Wensleydale. Reserve Champion 317 Mr J Shippam’s, Titan, Teeswater.

BEST OF BREED - LONGWOOL, Devon and Cornwall- S Blunden’s, Ram. Cotswold - Mr KD Rashley & Ms S Tooze’s Ewe; Polwarth - Mrs Jackie Webb’s Ram lamb; Teeswater - Mr J Shippam. Black Wensleydale - MJ & GD Stafford. Wensleydale - Mr Steven Adams, Ewe. Best Longwool Trio (Elliot Shield) Christine Nugent’s Greyfaced Dartmoor.

HEATH & HILL The Hill Sheep Champion Cup Champion - Mr and Mrs Wise’s Popeswood, Ewe 1. Reserve - Mrs Jackie Webb, Ewe lamb, Llanwenog.

BEST OF BREED - HEATH & HILL Black Welsh Mountain - Mr and Mrs Wise’s Popeswood, Ewe 1. Kerry Hill-M & V Beesley, Ashampstead, Ewe lamb. Llanwenog-Mrs Jackie Webb. Torddu-Ms Alex Finch, Ram Lamb.

PORTLAND The Portland Sheep Champion Cup Champion, Portland Premier Show Silver Plate and Sash-Dr & Mrs Shaughnessy’s Furzley Boris. Reserve - Master Jack Rashley’s Ram. Best Trio Mr Rashley.

JACOB The Jacob Sheep Champion Cup Champion 377 Mike Reynolds, Wispers Remus. Reserve 374 Mrs J Digweed, Ram lamb 1.

SUPREME SHEEP CHAMPIONSHIP The Regency Cup and Sash Champion 168 DA Humphries & EA Thomas, Seaxpenne Ram, Shetland. Reserve 411 Caroline Fitzgerald, Cinderhill Ivar, Hebridean.

WOOL ON THE HOOF: Long Wool Champion 325 MJ & GD Stafford, Albourne Jessie, Black Wensleydale. Reserve 324 MJ & GD Stafford, Albourne Jackson, Black Wensleydale. Short Wool Champion Mr A Bryan, Manx Loaghtan. Reserve 173 DA Humphries Shearling Ewe, Shetland.


DEXTER The Dexter Cattle Champion Cup and Dexter Cattle Society Spoon, Champion 10 Felicity Thomson, Inky Minx. Reserve 7 Miss Sally A Cobden, Chorley Cassis.

RARE BREED DAIRY OR DUAL PURPOSE Champion - Nicola O’Connell, Bentfield Crocus, Gloucester.

BEST OF BREED – DAIRY & OTHER DUAL PURPOSE - Gloucester - Nicola O’Connell, Bentfield Crocus. Irish Moiled 61 Elizabeth Miller, Swanthorpe Nectarine

BEEF-Champion Dr Christabel Barran, Wispers Briar, British White. Reserve 47 Mr and Mrs W & J Murphy, Tugby Catalina, Beef Shorthorn.

BEST OF BREED BEEF CATTLE_British White 48 Dr Christabel Barran, Wispers Briar. Highland 50 ES & P Jee, Demeter Ruadh of Frith.

SUPREME INTERBREED CATTLE CHAMPION The West Sussex Gazette Cup and Sash Champion - Nicola O’Connell,Bentfield Crocus, Gloucester. Reserve 4 Dr Christabel Barran, Wispers Briar, British White.


PYGMY Champion 467 Mrs K Johnson, Peppermill. Reserve

ENGLISH Erica English Goat Shield Champion 482 Annette Monument, Brimstone Bernie. Reserve 474 Mrs Janet Brown, Millwind Starr.

GOLDEN GUERNSEY Champion 449 Mrs K Johnson. Reserve Champion 464 Jane Barker. Janig Damy.

SUPREME INTERBREED GOAT CHAMPION The Interbreed Goat Championship Cup and Sash Champion 449 Mrs K Johnson Golden Guernsey. Reserve 482 Annette Monument, Brimstone Bernie, English.


WHITE BREEDS Champion & Reserve Champion Mr AJ Moss.

COLOURED BREEDS Champion 99 Mr and Mrs Westron, Berkshire. Reserve 86 DAP & CP Crosdil, Oxford and Sandy Black.

BEST OF BREED Large Black 89 Mr & Mrs Westron, Crane Nocturne 66. Berkshire 99 Mr and Mrs Westron, Choller Louise 36. Tamworth 79 Clare & Robin Wilson, Rother Duchess181. Oxford and Sandy Black 86 DAP & CP Crosdil, Barnsnap Mary. British Saddleback 78 Clare & Robin Wilson, Roth Hilda205. Saddleback 93 Maria Naylor, Framfield Biddy.

SUPREME INTERBREED PIG CHAMPION Supreme Interbreed Pig Championship Cup and Sash Champion 99 Mr and Mrs Westron, Berkshire. Reserve 69 Mr AJ Moss Welsh


CHAMPION FLEECE The Regency & West of England Building Society Cup Champion 504 MG & GD Stafford, Black Wensleydale Reserve 520 Judy Hardman, Shetland.

BEST COLOURED FLEECE The Coloured Sheep Breeders Association Champion’s

Rosettes: Champion 504 MG & GD Stafford, Black Wensleydale Reserve 511 Dr M Rutherford, Black Leicester Longwool.


CHAMPION 559 Kate Broomfield. Reserve Champion 598 Julia Benton. Champion Skein 559 Catherine Hughes. The Judges Special Prize, “The item I would Most like to take home” 530 Kate Broomfield, a Rug.


CROZIER CUP for SHEEP (Under 8 yrs) Kaine Stephens


BEST YOUNG HANDLER SHIELD for CATTLE (Under 8 yrs) Emily Newton

BEST YOUNG HANDLER SHIELD for CATTLE (8–14 yrs) Ashley Newton

BEST YOUNG HANDLER SHIELD for GOATS (Under 8 yrs) George Rodd

BEST YOUNG HANDLER SHIELD for GOATS (8-14 yrs) Jack Monument


ZEUNER CUP (Best Pig Young Handler) Amber Westron