Final preparations for Cranleigh’s 70th show

The Lakes picnic against the family tractor
The Lakes picnic against the family tractor

It’s frantic down on the farm: there are sheep to shampoo, horns to polish, tails to fluff up and important halter training to complete ready for Cranleigh Show on Sunday June 19.

Cranleigh celebrates its 70th anniversary this year with hotly contested livestock and horse competitions, adrenalin-filled ring entertainment, hands-on activities and shopping.

The June date is proving a winner for both competitors and visitors. Cranleigh is a very welcoming event. Children, parents, grandparents, even dogs have a great time as there is so much to see and do.

The whole farmyard experience is there with commercial and rare breed sheep, a wonderful variety of beef cattle, pigs, goats and poultry. Walking through the cattle lines and the sheep and pig pens is a fantastic way of introducing children to farm animals and the country life in a very friendly environment.

Things to look out for - Horns! Long droopy ones on the Long Horn cattle; wide upward tilting ones on Highland cattle; multiple horns on Jacob sheep. Rare and unusual breeds: spot the South African Dorper sheep and British Blue cattle.

Teeswater sheep are coming to Cranleigh for the first time and their dreadlock hairstyle is no modern fashion fad – it goes back to 1798!

Younger children will enjoy a cuddle with Fisher’s Farm petting animals.

Top of the arena billing this year is a first for Cranleigh - Moto-Stunts International motorcycle display team with Britain’s No 1 female motorcycle stunt rider and skilled trick and freestyle display jumpers. Look out for some dramatic pyrotechnics.

And high speed Scurry Racing is back with ponies rocketing round a tight obstacle course in complete contrast to the Sidesaddle Concours d’Elegance.

World of Wings also returns with its fabulous collection of wacky birds - think flocks of parrots free flying free and gawky hornbills staggering after amazing bird trainer Mike Simmons.

Cyril the Squirrell and his team of terriers will be racing in the John Morris Countryside Arena; the Mad Hatter Morris Side will be dancing and for the thirsty there is always the Hogs Back Brewery Beer Tent.

Look out too for another amazing selection of prizewinning scarecrows made by local children, families and groups.

Massey Ferguson tractors –also celebrating their 70th - will be there with a host of other vintage tractors, and the highlight of the show will be the magnificent parade of cattle and sheep, the grand finale of a day of hot competition.

It takes weeks of patience and hard work to train livestock for the show ring and get them looking their best.

There is a popular horse show with classes designed for riders and horses big and small, young and old, from lead rein ponies to retrained racehorses and stately heavy horses.

The spotlight this year is being trained on sidesaddle riding. Did you know that people used to compete in Cranleigh showjumping classes riding sidesaddle!

They also went hunting sidesaddle and it is a surprisingly secure seat.

The show is at Cranleigh Showground, GU6 7DW. Go to for entry forms and tickets. Online discounted bookings: adult £11; senior (60+) £7; children five-16 £1, under fives free. Day membership £20.

Full price tickets will be available on the day. Parking is free.