Festival noise

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MANY congratulations to co-chairman Penny Hadley, Justin Williams and all of the team which worked so hard to make the Arundel Festival 2011 such a success.

That having been said, we come yet again to the quesgtion of the horrendous amplification of music from Jubilee Gardens and the town square.

Audiences have the privilege of moving away after such a performance, but residents, office workers and those in shops and cafes have no such luck.

This not a new problem. Over the last three years at least, the organisers and council members have been approached to address this problem, to no avail.

To them I would say, Arundel is a residential area and just try and live in the centre for the period of the festival and see how you cope.

Would it be possible for another venue to be found in place of Jubilee Gardens, perhaps in a meadow behind the car park?

Patricia Warren,

Queens Street, Arundel