Felpham pupils show compassion for refugees with supply collection

The end of term collection
The end of term collection

The Felpham Community College (FCC) Student Council organised a school-wide collection for the charity ‘Help Refugees’ this month as one of the final charity events for the year.

‘Help Refugees’ is a British charity which works with refugees across Europe. One of their main projects is working in Calais and Northern France, where thousands of people, including unaccompanied children, are sleeping rough in inhumane conditions.

Students, parents and carers and staff supported the charity by bringing in items of clothes, toiletries, food and kitchen supplies.

The collection was co-ordinated by the Student Council and on Saturday, July 21, a group of staff from FCC took all the collected goods to the charity base in Calais, France.

Matthieu Cauchy-Duval, associate assistant headteacher said: “FCC get involved with numerous charity events throughout the academic year. This appeal was co-ordinated by the Student Council and the languages department and we have been delighted at the volume of items we have had donated. Thank you to students, parents and staff for their contributions. We are driving the supplies to the charity base in Calais and it will be great to see their reaction first hand when we give them our FCC collection.”

Information on the charity can be found at helprefugees.org.