Family’s anguish after residents are removed from nursing home

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A Crawley woman has described the distress of not knowing where her mother will be sent after being removed from her nursing home.

West Sussex County Council revealed last week that it was moving 52 residents from Oakhurst Grange Nursing Home for people with dementia, in Southgate, after it was found failing in its quality of care.

The daughter of a resident at the home, who asked not to be named in order to ensure her mother’s anonymity, explained how the family was coping with knowing their lovedone would be moved to another home.

She said her mother had severe Alzheimer’s, meaning any type of change in day-to-day routine could be very traumatic.

She said: “I think it will be distressing for her and for everybody involved. It’s important for them to have routine and structure.

“Even though they don’t recognise you, similarity they can recognise.

“We’re feeling nervous as a family. The biggest worry is the distance. There’s no promise it’s going to be in Crawley.

“Will we be able to see mum as often as we used to? And how do we know the home she goes to will be better?”

The Bupa care home was given two warning notices to make urgent improvements by the Care Quality Commission in December last year.

A follow up inspection published in April found the care home was still failing.

In the past few weeks the county council and its NHS partners, have provided support to the home’s management team but complaints have continued.

The county council held a meeting last week for the family of those being cared for in the home and explained that residents would be moved to new nursing homes in the next two to three weeks.

The resident’s daughter added: “We are getting quite a lot of support and an allocated social worker. They are having about five [residents] each rather than about 25 each, to look after.

“The social worker has been in touch. I have no worries on that score”