Family rescued after sledging ‘ordeal’

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A SHOREHAM family had to be rescued from the bottom of Devil’s Dyke, near Brighton, following an afternoon of sledging on Sunday (February 12).

A multi agency operation was put into action, which included police, West Fire and Rescue, Coastguard and the South East Coast Ambulance Service, following reports that a family were stuck at the bottom of the dyke and due to ice and an injury to one of the children’s legs, they were unable to get up the steep slope.

At around 5.30pm a member of the public heard the cries for help and alerted the police. However, due to the icy conditions the police had to call upon partner agencies such as West Fire and Rescue to assist. At around 8.30pm an 11-year-old boy was airlifted by the Coastguard helicopter and taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, for treament to an injured leg. He has since been discharged. His father, twin brother and their 10-year-old friend did not require hospital treatment.

Inspector Tomlinson, Mid-Sussex Neighbourhood Police Team said: “I am pleased the family are all well following their ordeal yesterday. What was a pleasureable afternoon quickly turned into a frightening experience due to the weather, a drop in temperature and the onset of darkness.

“The rescue would not have been possible without the expertise of our partner agencies, for which, both Sussex Police and the family are very grateful.”