Facebook post reveals more work set for Bognor high street

Bognor high street.
Bognor high street.

A councillor’s Facebook post has revealed more works to the high street are due to begin on Monday.

Graham Jones wrote: “Notification received this afternoon. Please note that the County Councillors of JWAAC have not been consulted even though the County Council is the Highways Authority, nor has this gone through the normal democratic consultation process. We have been excluded from the normal scrutiny process so if there is something you are not happy with please do not blame the County Councillors.”

He then went on to detail the works set to commence on October 17 and a statement which said it is a result of ‘a balance of funding available’ as the period for the Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) comes to an end.

Addressing ‘members and stakeholders’ it added the funds are ‘insufficient to deliver another major phase of public realm works’ but are ‘significant enough to make a tangible difference to the town centre public realm, and will help deliver more of the benefits and objectives set out in the original bid’.

It said, ‘in line with members’ suggestions’ the money will be used to ‘upgrade’ key elements of the town centre ‘which are currently in a poor state of repair’.

The works listed included: carriageway and footway resurfacing to priority areas, maintenance and upgrade of street furniture.

In particular it highlighted ‘new 20 year tarmac’ pavements at the east and west ends of the High Street, and the carriageway to the west between Bedford Street and the junction with Queensway will be renewed to the same good quality specification already used in High Street.

Street furniture such as bins and benches will also ‘be upgraded to match those already replaced elsewhere in High Street’ and the five bus stops will be replaced with ‘modern marine-grade stainless steel design’.

New signs, from the same material, are also outlined for ‘three town centre locations to assist visitors in wayfinding and signposting them to key attractions and facilities’. The content for each ‘will be circulated for comments before it is finalised’ it stated.

The statement added: “High quality and long-lasting materials and finishes will be used throughout to bring these areas up to the same high standard as the other CCF-funded phases of work.

“The aim is to have the majority of the town centre upgraded to this standard. It has been agreed with West Sussex County Council that their Standard Specification materials will be used for resurfacing.”

It confirmed the work will be carried out by Balfour Beatty, West Sussex County Council’s maintenance contractor, and that businesses and residents in the affected areas ‘will be informed ahead of the works, and kept informed during the work to minimise disruption’.

The statement finishes with ‘a press release will also be circulated in the near future’ which the Observer has requested.

This story will be updated accordingly.