Eye out for dodgy visits

A bird in the hand...
A bird in the hand...
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Been a disturbing week with police, farm thefts and threats of violence in the neighbourhood. Just when you think you live in a quiet rural backwater where nothing ever happens; things do. There are frequently dodgy characters turning up in our yard. Mostly friends but just occasionally folk you know are up to no good. Best seen off as quickly and tersely as possible. Preferably whilst trying to restrain an apparently ferocious dog who looks set to tear them to pieces but who in actuality just wants to check if they have any chocolate on them.

With agricultural and motor vehicles and anything not nailed down being taken, our security has been stepped up. But this weekend was real police interceptor stuff, with a neighbours vehicle being rammed as the intruders tried to escape and eventually being hemmed in by farmers summoned by phone to catch up and block in the villains. And then wait for the police to turn up and arrest them. Villains, not farmers. It all leads to very edgy nights sleep. Every bark or flicker of security light at night has John up and out of bed. He had gone out to latest incident with a neighbour as at the time the round robin security call up came he was out ploughing and had to be picked up to add some muscle to the team.

I am in left in charge of security today as John is off to the first shoot of the season. How dare he. And we are not even finished getting drilled up yet. One of the fields is being left to overwinter for spring barley. It is almost ploughed and hopefully will break down to a more friable seed bed with winter frosts.

Mrs No 16 bantie is dragging her brood of keets round all over the farmyard, paddock and garden. As she is an imported bantie, i.e. from my brother-in-law, she does not know the layout of the barns and is clearly getting lost in the undergrowth and amongst the haystacks.

Mrs No 4 bantie is keeping her close company, presumable hoping to nab any stray keets when her back is turned. I keep having to pop out and shepherd Mrs No 16 back to her run so that she learns the key points of the farm’s geography. It does not go down well and wastes a huge amount of time.

The contractors upgrading our lane are enchanted with all the farm animals. The tups especially welcome their left over sandwiches.

Should build up their strength for their big Autumn encounter with the sheep. Tups, not contractors. What were you thinking? This weekend we will be weaning the lambs and any noises in the night will be coming from the remaining lambs kicking up a huge fuss after being taken from their Mums. The Mums meanwhile rarely make a fuss for long once free of being butted and suckled by their bullying offspring. Roll on romance is all they care about.

Mrs Downs