Explosion: Neighbours’ shock over woman’s death

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A woman has died following an explosion in a house in Pound Hill.

Emergency services, including the Air Ambulance, were called to Banks Road, Pound Hill, at 12.30pm today (December 31) but the woman died at the scene.

The cause of the explosion has not been officially revealed but it is believed to have involved a boiler or gas canister.

A police spokesman said: “A woman in her 50s was taken from the house, treated by paramedics but has sadly died at the scene shortly afterwards.”

Rhys Cooper, 20, said he had known the woman – who has not been officially identified – for more than 10 years.

He added he did not realise what had happened until the police knocked on his door while the area was being evacuated.

Sabine Winzenburg, of Pevensey Close, said: “It’s really tragic any time some one dies like that. I hope her son has somebody to go to.

“People always have this idea that at Christmas this is worse but it’s not. It’s tragic at any time.”