‘Exam stress to success’ workshop in Horsham

Seraphina Mind Studio in Horsham ia aiming to increase positive mental health and learning in schools SUS-150415-115355001
Seraphina Mind Studio in Horsham ia aiming to increase positive mental health and learning in schools SUS-150415-115355001

Surrey and West Sussex teachers and students are benefiting from an innovative approach to preparing for final examinations with the help of a leading Mind Training and treatment studio Seraphina Mind Studio in Horsham and Croydon.

The increased learning and positive effects on teenager’s mental health is attracting a lot of interest from educators, Drs and parents across Sussex and Surrey.

Dr Neil Rutterford from LANC - Learning Assessment and Neuro Care Centre with branches in Horsham, London and Cheshire says “For many students, the exam period means facing their fears of failure and the prospect of not being able to retain weeks’ worth of revision.

For many students with learning difficulty, it isn’t just the anxiety or nerves at the time of the exam, but very often worries for weeks and months ahead which can adversely affect their cognitive function and exam performance on the day.

The Seraphina Mind Studio offers invaluable learning strategies and techniques that can be used to help students control the effects of stress as well as promoted a healthy attitude and motivation towards learning and taking exams.”

Seraphina Mind Studio is an accredited mind training and treatment studio that offers unique programs to accelerate success in education, business and health and well-being.

The company has extensive experience of successfully working with teenagers to increase positive mental health as well as their exam grades. Students have gone to achieve two grades above predicted results at GCSE after attending their 1-1 programs.

Penny Johnson the owner of the company an accredited trainer of hypnotherapy and master practitioner of NLP says “ It’s common for students to latch onto their weakness rather than their talents and strengths, as they can become easily discouraged by negative criticism.

“Our job is to help re-engineer this thinking for more productive, resource states of mind that increase positive mental health and learning.

“This combined with simple effective strategies / techniques allow an individual to manage their stress, take control of their emotional state and remain focused and confident whilst being challenged. This helps students to perform at their best leading to much better academic performance and far greater emotional well-being for the student.”

Seraphina Mind Studio has helped many students to better understand how to overcome anxiety and prepare for exam by learning new techniques

Sarah Davey a GCSE examiner and teacher says “I have recommended a number of students and fellow colleagues to the Seraphina Mind Studio, the results are rapid and deliver invaluable benefit.”

Kirna Amin a parent at Farlington School near Horsham says “My daughter has benefited greatly from her sessions with Penny. Her confidence improved quickly and she finds it so much easier to concentrate now.

“We have noticed a steady rise in her test results, which will hopefully see her successfully through her GCSEs. Aside from these benefits, Penny has given my daughter belief in herself which she never previously had. “

The exam stress to success half day workshop for students takes place in Croydon on Saturday 25th April and in Horsham Sunday 26th April

For more information about Penny’s work visit www.seraphinauk.com

Report and picture contributed by Seraphina Mind Studio