EU threatens £300m fine for bad air quality

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village news

A councillor said the EU’s multi-million pound fine for the UK’s air pollution proves that money should have been spent on protecting our towns and villages instead.

This follows West Sussex County Council’s confirmation that the 16 areas listed as most affected by air pollution in the UK includes the South East.

Horsham District Council chairman and Storrington division County Councillor, Philip Circus, said: “This confirms a point that I made recently at a meeting which is essentially that it would make more sense to spend money on dealing with problems such as the air quality issue in Storrington than to pay large sums of public money in fines to the European Commission.

“I have made that point to Nick Herbert and will continue to press for the air quality issues affecting my residents to be addressed so that their health is not undermined and the British government doesn’t have to pay large sums of money in fines.”

In a statement last week the EU announced that levels of nitrogen dioxide, mainly caused by traffic fumes, have exceeded EU limits and the UK could now face a £300 million fine.

“It is absolutely vital that money is spent on the A27 which is going to play a major part in relieving the traffic problems in Storrington. The government needs to get on and pursue this with a will. They will have the full support of the District Council, the Parish Council and the County Council as well as Nick Herbert as the local MP.”