VIDEO: Police ‘working with all parties’ at Cuadrilla Balcombe site

Police say Liasion Officers have been working with the protest groups and Cuadrilla at the site in Balcombe, with the overriding priority of keeping all parties safe and minimising disruption.

A number of vehicles have been brought into the site during the course of the day with up to 80 people protesting.

Large police presence at the Balcombe fracking site

Large police presence at the Balcombe fracking site

A police statement says that Caudrilla had yesterday (Friday July 26) obtained authority to extend their operating hours for today from 1pm until 4pm. Following representations from the protest groups and advice from Sussex Police, Cuadrilla agreed to stop bringing the vehicles into the site shortly after 2pm in recognition that the local residents and protestors had not been fully consulted on this change.

Police add that there have been no injuries to any parties today and the disruption to the local community and road network has been kept to a minimum.

Two women were arrested this morning (Saturday). They are being interviewed.

Police say they will maintain a presence throughout the weekend and Police Liaison Officers will continue to work with all parties involved.