Top tips launched for a summertime of easy recycling

IT’S set to be a bumper summer for parties, picnics and barbecues, but the county council says don’t forget your materials for recycling need to be ‘clean, dry and loose’.

All glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, cans, paper and card go to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Ford where they are sorted and then sent on to manufacturers who turn them into something new.

But all your efforts to recycle could literally go to waste, if your recyclables are wet, dirty or tied up in plastic bags.

Now West Sussex County Council, in conjunction with the district council collection authorities and Viridor – the county council’s recycling and waste handling contractor – is launching a series of top tips to help residents ensure great recycling.

This new joint campaign, which runs from the end of this month through to August, covers the Queen’s Jubilee, the UEFA European football finals and the Olympics.

Among the tips:

Place a container next to the barbecue for people to pop in their empty drinks cans and bottles.

Make sure drinks cans and wine bottles are totally empty and put them loose in the recycling bin.

Use washable plates and cutlery rather than plastic knives, forks and paper plates.

Paper plates, which have leftovers on them, can’t be recycled, nor can plastic knives and forks.

If you are using packets of burgers or sausages remember the outer card can be recycled, but the plastic inners can’t.

Ensure everything is ‘clean, dry and loose’.

West Sussex County Council’s Deputy Leader Lionel Barnard, who is the Cabinet Member responsible for waste, said: “We have the prospects for a wonderful summer of picnics and barbecues this year, but we would like to ensure that we recycle properly.

“I would like to thank residents for recycling over 44% of their rubbish this year in West Sussex.

“To ensure that we keep this up and to continue to recycle even more, we all need to take a little extra care when we recycle after a party or a barbecue. It is important to put all your items in for recycling clean, dry and loose.”

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