Take the bus to South Downs this summer

The Breeze Bus
The Breeze Bus

This summer, local families who dread car journeys with children should try discovering another way on public transport, says the South Downs National Park Authority.

New research published by the Authority shows that a fifth of Sussex parents travelling by car have felt their blood pressure rise and one in ten has been reduced to tears.

And a third of drivers have pulled over suddenly because of fighting and more than a third have had their plans ruined by traffic.

However there is ‘a fun, cost effective alternative right on their doorstep’ says the SDNPA.

Buses and trains provide regular, child friendly transport to various destinations on the South Downs, allowing families to relax, chat and enjoy the scenery together.

Everything that families need to shake the stress of the car and find the bliss of the bus can be found on the South Downs website www.southdowns.gov.uk/discover.

Trying the bus should please the two in five parents in Sussex who simply wish that there was a way their partner and themselves could relax and enjoy the journey, or enjoy a glass of wine at lunch.

Those that believe that public transport is too ‘irregular’ will be surprised to hear, says SDPA, that many of the buses and trains are regular and prompt.

Nick Stewart, from SDPA, said: “We all know that travelling by car can be a demanding experience, with tantrums and traffic jams often causing stress levels to rise. Public transport in this part of the South Downs is easy, child friendly and cost effective - and delivers you right to the heart of the Downs. From spending more quality time with kids to relaxing with your partner, the adventure starts from the moment you set off and the journey can be just as fun and exciting as the destination.”