Storrington Air Quality Action Plan in progress

JPCT 130213 Traffic in Storrington. Photo by Derek Martin
JPCT 130213 Traffic in Storrington. Photo by Derek Martin

Following an extensive consultation, feedback has been gathered on Horsham District Council’s Air Quality Action Plan for Storrington and a technical review is now taking place to assess the practical aspects of moving forward with the preferred options.

An exhibition ran, as part of the consultation, for two weeks in late February/early March, where around 1,500 people attended to view the progress to date and give their views on Horsham District Council’s draft document.

Overall the comments were positive and the general feedback clearly supports action to limit heavy goods vehicles from entering the village.

The next step is for a more detailed technical review of the preferred options to assess practical aspects of implementing the traffic management options identified by the steering group.

The options to be looked into further by the technical review team are a restriction on heavy goods vehicles, a low emission zone, a traffic light system during peak congestion periods to control traffic entering the village and improved signage on the surrounding road network.

The conclusions of the technical review will be reported back to the Storrington Air Quality Action Plan Steering Group in July this year.

One of the District Wide Action Plan measures is to encourage completion of the A27 improvements around Arundel and Worthing and in the consultation responses the public expressed their strong support for this.

Sue Rogers, Horsham District Council’s Cabinet Member for a Safer and Healthier District, said: “I am pleased with the progress of this work to address the air quality issues in Storrington and the consultation has been an important part of this process.”

For more information please email Horsham District Council on or call 01403 215292.