New wood to be planted at hill-side beauty spot

CONSERVATIONISTS are about to start work creating a new wood north of Lancing Ring.

It is being planted up by The Friends of Lancing Ring as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The Friends are an organisation who work with local authority organisations to maintain and preserve the ring - a picturesque hill on the South Downs above and around North Lancing.

It is a well loved spot well-used by locals and is also a nature reserve.

Friends spokesperson Adrienne Stevenson said: “We have obtained about 170 trees from various sources, including the Local Authority and the Woodland Trust.

“They will be planted in a diamond shape and at the centre will be a Royal Oak that will come from one of the Queen’s own Royal estates.”

Local residents, schools and organisations, such as the Brownies and Cubshave been invited to join in The Friends of Lancing Ring in the venture.

“We feel this is a unique opportunity to take part in an historic event and put our mark on the local environment for posterity,” said Adrienne.

“In particular it will be exciting for

children to be able to look at a growing wood over a period of years and know that they were part of its creation.”

The tree planting will take place

on November 18.