Controversial housing set to go ahead despite protests

THE green light has been given to a controversial scheme to build more than 100 homes on land near Stane Street, Pulborough, leaving residents furious about the decision, which was supported by their two local councillors. They claimed that Pulborough had just been sold to developers.

But Horsham District Council’s development control committee south was unanimous on Tuesday this week in agreeing that the scheme submitted by Hanbury Properties Ltd, was a high quality development, providing much needed affordable housing. The plans were agreed in principle and delegated to local members, Cllrs Roger Paterson and Brian Donnelly, with a view to approve. subject to successfully dealing with concerns about sewage.

Planning officer Hazel Corke insisted that, in the absence of a local core housing strategy, the district council is subject to the South East plan- which had a shortfall against housing numbers.

She said: “Pulborough is a category one settlement and local need does not have to be proved.”

She said objections to the plan to build 103 homes with an open space on land north of Highfield, Stane Street, had been received from the parish council. There had also been objections from residents and others, and the Pulborough Society, claiming that more than 400 properties were still for sale in the village and more houses were not needed.

Hanbury Properties Ltd had reduced the volume of houses from 114 to 103, with less density, a new access from Stane Street and a new footpath off the western boundary, linking with another running from north to south. Traffic signals had been incorporated into the access and a transport contribution would give funding for a footbridge across the railway.

Amanda Sutton, speaking for Hanbury Homes, said: “There is an acute shortage of housing, locally and nationally, and this has been designed to a sensible density and is a family scheme.”

Affordable housing requirements had been met in full with 40 per cent of the scheme allocated to help meet the current 1,100 on the waiting list for these homes. These homes had been peppered in clusters throughout the scheme, and a small number would have wheelchair access.

The meeting was told that there were concerns about drainage and sewage relating to the development, as well as the impact it would have on air quality, because of additional vehicles generated.

Chairman of Pulborough Parish Council, Cllr Ray Quested, said this development, on top of three others in the village, was too much.

He said: “There is no cohesive planning policy in effect at present. There are enormous concerns, and also fears that Southern Water will be incapable of handling demands on sewage and drainage. “We also know that Pulborough is on the verge of becoming the third community to be placed on a list on the district for excessive air pollution.

Both Cllr Paterson and Cllr Brian Donnelly agreed that the scheme would provide a high quality of social housing in the village .

Annie Williams, on behalf of other residents, said: “Our local councillors should be ashamed of themselves. They have not acted on our behalf at all. They have sold just sold our village to developers.”