Campaign to stop ‘pain in the drain’

A THREE-DIMENSIONAL picture of a fat-clogged drain was unveiled in Worthing last week to warn the public of the damage pouring fat and grease down the drain can do.

The ‘pain in the drain’ campaign – a joint venture by Southern Water and the Environment Agency – aims to raise awareness of the increased risk of flooding as a result of blocked drains.

Bob Smytherman supports the 'pain in the drain' campaign       Picture by Nigel Bowles

Bob Smytherman supports the 'pain in the drain' campaign Picture by Nigel Bowles

Barry Evans, project manager for Southern Water, said: “We are running the pain in the drain campaign to prevent oil and grease going down the sink.

“We want to move people away from that because ultimately it causes blockages in the pipe which can lead to waste water leaking into the environment.”

David Bonner, Solent and South Downs resilience team advisor with the Environment Agency, added: “We realise floods can be caused from a number of sources, from heavy rain to blocked drains and it is important we manage it together.”

Southern Water gave out fat funnels, which could be used to transfer used cooking oils into plastic bottles to be put in the bin or recycled into biofuel.

Gemma Roberts, 20, of Paxmead Crescent, in Broadwater, said: “I think it is a great idea, it does show you just how bad the drains can get.”

Jean Bennett, 79, Cumberland Avenue, in Goring, added: “It is a marvellous idea. You cannot believe people do not realise that fat has got to go somewhere.”

For information on flood risk areas, visit or call 0845 988 1188.”