Ellen’s wildlife poetry prize

A YOUNG girl from West Sussex has received the runners-up prize in the RSPB’s Wildlife Explorer’s Wildverse poetry competition.

Ellen Voice, 11, from Worthing, entered the wildlife charity’s poetry competition with her poem ‘The Miniature World’ in the over-8s category.

A keen member of the RSPB’s Wildlife Explorers, the charity’s junior membership, Ellen was inspired to write her poem after reading about fairies.

She said, “I read lots of books about fairies, which made me think about what it would be like to be very small, looking up at the world around me.

“I like spending a lot of time outside, and going on long walks along the seashore and in the countryside around where I live.”

The RSPB’s Wildlife Explorers youth group ran a competition for its members to write a wild poem about the nature they find around them through its magazine Bird Life. The competition winners received a Pure digital radio as well as getting their poems printed in Bird Life and read out on the Pure One radio station.

“I was very shocked when I heard that I was a runner-up in the competition. I really like being a Wildlife Explorer, I like learning new things about the nature around us,” Ellen said.

Lauren St John, patron of the Born Free Foundation and author of Dead Man’s Cove, which was Blue Peter’s Book of the Year 2011, selected the winning poems from over 1800 entries.

“The standard is quite astonishingly high, especially in the under eights category,” she said.

“How hearting that children of that age are producing such inspired, moving and literate work. Amazing.”

The Miniature World

If I was very, very small,

The jointed grasses will be tall,

and I will climb up them to wave to passing honeybees.

Then I think I would like to ride a big, blue dragonfly,

Zig- zag in the air like mad,

then land on a lily pad.

Maybe I will leapfrog real frogs,

or dive off mossy logs into ponds – deep, dark and dim,

where the little tadpoles swim.

Oh, it will be scary meeting spiders ,black and hairy,

also the drops of dew,

I think I’ll have to dodge them too.

But oh, it will be lovely to see the path were wildlife goes...

Then I will hail a beetle and ride home.

For more information about the Wildlife Explorers, the RSPB’s youth membership, please visit: www.rspb.org.uk/supporting/join/youth