Elections: Highs and lows of voter turn-out

At the last full county election in 2009, the town’s highest turn-out - 39.72 per cent - was achieved by the ever-reliable Tilgate & Furnace Green ward.

Broadfield earned the dubious honour of achieving the lowest turn-out in the county, with 27.02 per cent.

County elections

County elections

Broadfield’s Conservative and Labour candidates both said they hoped that today’s warm weather would help encourage more people to make their way to the polling stations.

Brian Quinn (Labour) said: “The last time it was raining and miserable and it’s very hard to get people out on bad days. At the moment it’s a lot better, it’s steady. When the figures come out, I’m hoping they will be much better than they have been.”

Conservative candidate Lee Gilroy said: “We’ve had about 200 people turn out here by midday and there are 1,000 postal votes registered for Broadfield.

“When we had the last election for the borough it was pouring with rain and people did not want to come out.

“Whether they are voting in favour or against, they are turning out.”

Kevin Osborne, Liberal Democrat candidate for Langley Green and West Green, predicted an “average” turn-out today.

He said: “I have been out to polling stations in Crawley this morning. There seems to be an average turnout, but very stop-start in some places.

“It will be interesting to see the votes tomorrow. We will see how it goes.”