Yarn bombing gives a colourful surprise

CHILDREN at a Shoreham school were greeted with a riot of colour on Monday morning, following a successful yarn bombing weekend.

The surprise delighted pupils at St Nicolas and St Mary’s Primary School and they quickly spotted knitted birds, flowers and fruits adorning trees in their playground.

Pupils Michi Tett, Chloe Nisbet and Nicola Lamper explore the knitted decorations in the trees S21807H13

Pupils Michi Tett, Chloe Nisbet and Nicola Lamper explore the knitted decorations in the trees S21807H13

The event was organised by the Eastern Avenue school’s knit and natter group as part of the sculpture trail project.

Jasmine Bishop, 11, said: “It was really cool to see it, I love the way it is all colourful.”

Nicola Lamper, 11, added: “They look really good. My grandma has helped quite a lot. She knits for newborn babies in the hospital.”

Family members of all ages have got involved and Olivia Burdock, 11, proudly showed us the peeled banana she made. She said she hadn’t knitted before and found it a bit difficult, but the result was impressive.

Arts co-ordinator Corinne Wooff set the ball rolling when she was inspired by the Storm charity’s garden in Worthing last year.

“I saw it in my mind last year and now I can see it in reality,” she said.

She thought knitting would be a great way of injecting some colour into the sculpture trail, and involve the community at the same time.

“We have started on one small area and then it can grow and grow. It is interaction with the landscape.

“It is lovely to get the children talking about colour and shape. It is good for dexterity and concentration, and reading a pattern is mathematical. It is a hobby you can take anywhere and it is a social event.”

She helped set up the knit and natter group and was delighted that the women now felt they “owned it”.

Member Anna Greenwood, who has two daughters at the school, said it had been great to get so many people involved.

“One thing that we all really enjoyed was the international element, as we have one of the grandparents from abroad sending things in,” she said.

Anna, of Connaught Avenue, Shoreham, said a team of about 10 adults worked on Saturday and Sunday, sewing squares onto the trees and hanging garlands, fruit and flowers.

“You have everything from the very wobbly French and finger knitting, which is for beginners, to quality pieces. It adds to it.

“It is great to try a craft and know however many stitches you drop or mistakes you make, you are making a contribution.”

Her daughters, Jessica, from year four, and Zoe, from year two, helped with the sewing and finger knitting, and Jess and her friend Bess Sherlock trailed a red, white and blue stripe around one of the saplings.

Anna said it had involved the whole community, including support from local businesses. “One day we had four generations of the same family taking part, and it was lovely having them all there.

“We have everyone from people who can do it to others who are expert. You have the chance to learn from the people who know what they are doing. It gives you the encouragement to try.”