Schoolchildren become new junior wardens

A new Junior Wardens scheme has been launched in Chichester.

A group of children from Kingsham Primary School in Chichester are becoming the latest voluntary recruits to the scheme.

Equipped with new uniforms and notebooks, the children will be doing regular litter picks, reporting graffiti and damage and will get involved in community events.

The reward for their hard work will be trips and fun activities.

The new group has been set up by Chichester District Council Community Wardens Sue Long and Jon Logan.

Steve Hansford, assistant director for communities at Chichester District Council, said: “It’s so important to educate children for life, not just to be good pupils but also active citizens. That’s why we have launched the Junior Warden scheme at Kingsham Primary School.”

Sue Long said: “It’s fun for the children and helps them to become responsible members of the community. ”

The first Junior Wardens scheme in the Chichester District was set up by Sue in Tangmere in 2006. The scheme is aimed at encouraging children to become more involved in their community and take pride in the environment in which they live. Over 70 young people have joined the Junior Warden scheme in Tangmere since then.

Sue adds: “By giving them the chance to be Junior Wardens they will know what they are doing is important and valued. They can also pass on the message that vandalism, graffiti and litter is not clever, but a real nuisance for everyone. Best of all Junior Wardens are role models and are helping to show that most young people are good citizens.”