Pirates curry favour

S13100H13 Glebe Primary School drama club's  production of The Pirates of the Curry Bean
S13100H13 Glebe Primary School drama club's production of The Pirates of the Curry Bean

AUDIENCES at Glebe Primary School in Southwick have been treated to another highly-entertaining performance from this year’s drama club.

Pupils performed The Pirates of the Curry Bean, a musical set in 1728, with a nautical twist.

A big event in the school calendar, the production was delayed by last month’s snow, which meant the technical rehearsal had to be rearranged. It went ahead on Friday, March 22.

Head teacher Ann Walton added: “Everyone has worked so hard to produce a performance of this quality.

“We are so proud of our drama club and the commitment they make to their annual production.

“The children are amazing, but I must also thank the staff involved – Mrs Cullen, Mrs Hearn, Mrs Marriott and Miss Stevenson – for all the hard work and time they dedicated to producing this fantastic show.”

The action began in a tavern called the Squirty Squid, where landlady, Pel Periwinkle, lived with her two children, Jack and Lisa. She had a treasure map, which once belonged to her long-lost husband, Stanley, who failed to return from his last voyage.

A band of pesky pirates lead by the dastardly Captain Redbeard then stole the map –along with the feisty landlady – and set sail on their ship, the Curry Bean, in search of the treasure.

Pel’s children enlisted the help of Admiral Hornblower and Captain Cod to find their mother and join the crew on the Crunchy Frog.

The action, and the humour, continued unabated when the two ships went head to head, with the pirates coming out on top.

Events took another turn with a savage storm, which resulted in them all being ship-wrecked onto the Island of Lumbago in the Sea of Sciatica.

This island was also where the treasure was buried, but before they could start to look for it, they were all captured by the native Wonga Tribe.

Then, much to Pel’s surprise, she discovered their chief was none other than her long-lost husband, aka Captain Swaggersword.

So, a happy ending ensued with the family reunited, the treasure found and the pirate Redbeard stripped of his beard.

Teacher Pauline Davies said: “A brilliant performance was delivered by all the children once again.

“The show was a real treat from start to finish.

“A lively collection of songs had the audience clapping along and the constant flow of one-liners was guaranteed to keep everyone smiling throughout.”