College given positive Ofsted report

FELPHAM Community College has received a very positive OFSTED report following a visit just before Christmas.

A team of five inspectors, led by Lead Inspector Lesley Farmer, looked at all aspects of the school on the Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th December.

The report highlights many strengths and the significant improvements that have occurred in the last year and a half since the arrival of Headteacher, Mark Anstiss, in April 2010.

“In the last 18 months, there has been a change in direction,” the inspectors conclude. “A new uniform is worn with pride; there are higher expectations of behaviour and a clear focus on progress.”

The report adds: “Well led by the headteacher, leaders and managers are making a positive impact on improving provision and the quality of teaching and learning. Leaders are succeeding in raising teachers’ and students’ expectations of what can be done, and the school’s capacity to improve is good.”

The report stresses how improved leadership has permeated the whole college: “Leaders and managers at all levels are determined to raise the aspirations of the school community. They echo the headteacher’s strong ambition and are making a good impact.”

The inspection team arrived with two days’ notice at the end of a busy and tiring term, but despite this the good behaviour of the students was noted: “Students conduct themselves well around the college and come to lessons ready to learn. Students enjoy their time at Felpham and treat each other with respect and consideration.”

Ms Farmer particularly praised the improvements in the quality of teaching at the school which was judged as good overall and sometimes outstanding with students motivated, challenged and engaged.

Furthermore, the excellent pastoral care at Felpham was highlighted as a strength: “Good care and guidance support students well and motivates them to attend and achieve. Students feel safe at Felpham and are well supported by their teachers.”

The report goes on to say how well students are cared for on an individual level: “Students are well known to staff. Good communications with primary schools ensure the move into the school in Year 7 is smooth.”

The sixth form has long been a strength at Felpham and was singled out for praise: “Outcomes for students in the sixth form are good. The sixth form is growing in popularity, with a significant increase in numbers this year. Sixth formers have positive attitudes to their learning, attend well and make good contributions to school life.”

Headteacher Mark Anstiss was very pleased with the report. He said: “The school and local community feel that Felpham has improved considerably and I am delighted that this has now been confirmed by OFSTED.

“To have key issues such as the quality of teaching, student care and behaviour to be judged as good shows that we are now in a strong position. I am delighted with the improvements and rapid progress that we have made. This has been due to the high level of commitment shown by our students, as well as our staff, parents and governors all working together.”