Achievers in Steyning prove an inspiration

HARD work, good deeds and sheer determination were celebrated at Steyning Grammar School on Friday.

The Reflections 2013 assembly at the Shooting Field site looked back over the achievements of year-13 students before they go on study leave, and rewarded the best for their efforts.

S18554H13 The School Baton Bearers with the candlelit cake

S18554H13 The School Baton Bearers with the candlelit cake

The School Baton Bearers launched the event by carrying in a candlelit cake. They were chosen because their endeavours embodied each of nine enterprise skills, which were marked out on the cake, with the school shield.

For creativity, Kirsten Large won the Paul Holt Memorial Sculpture and Anthony Njoku won the Weaver Musical Advancement Award.

For commitment, students who had volunteered for 20 hours or more received certificates. George Clarke achieved the highest number of hours, more than 200 at Ferring Country Centre, while Emma Pegler received a special award for her volunteer work at Chestnut Tree House.

Governor John Stevenson presented year-12 student Jessica Sayers with the Millennium Trust Award of £250, towards her year-13 studies and university plans.

Assistant head Sally Randall, who is also director of the sixth-form college, said: “This was for being the best she could be, seen by others to sparkle in spite of difficulties, and for her outstanding commitment to the wider life of the sixth-form college.”

The Risk-Taking Award went to Oliver Prior, winner of the national senior maths challenge gold awards and stalwart of the debating society.

A special commendation went to Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award student Lara Wilson, who completed the whole qualification during her stay in the sixth-form college.

The Can-Do-Mind-set Award went to Oliver Fritz for his resilience and tenacity as managing director of U Ltd, one of the Young Enterprise companies.

Students’ fund-raising efforts resulted in a record charity year at the school, with more than £11,750 divided between chosen charities.

Tom Duke received the Flexibility Award in recognition of his outstanding technical support at numerous community events.

Luke Talbot, director of sport, reviewed the sporting year and individual awards went to Jamie Ampleford and Ellie Young.

Deputy head Dom Kenrick gave a motivational speech, encouraging the younger students to be inspired by the efforts of the sixth-form family, and presented the Leadership Award to the student leadership team.

“Inspiration gets right to the heart of what it means to be human,” he said.

Further inspiration came in a recorded speech from head Chris Taylor, who is recovering from treatment for cancer. He encouraged students to “believe that you can”.

The assembly closed with a performance by the year-13 band, Pulse.