A level success celebrated at Burgess Hill School

THE Sixth Form students at Burgess Hill School for Girls have again done themselves proud and achieved impressive A level and AS results.

Overall 84.2% of all A level results were awarded A* to B grades, continuing the high standards consistently achieved by students at the school.

Two thirds of the year group gained the coveted top grades, A* to B, in all their subjects whilst almost one third of the girls gained at least one A*.

Ann Aughwane, Headmistress and member of the Girls’ Schools Association, said: “It is always a privilege to congratulate the girls at this crucial stage in their education.

“The 100% pass rate represents a real accomplishment for all the girls and each can be proud of their achievements.

“They work so hard and contribute so much to the school and wider community.

“To see them realise their ambitions and gain places to pursue their studies at well respected universities is a fitting end to their time with us.

“Whether they joined the school many years ago or just for the Sixth Form, we delight in sharing their success.”