Economic stagnation

THE problem we face in Arun District is one of economic stagnation. The main reason for this is the poor infrastructure generally and in particular the lack of an Arundel Bypass. Why would businesses choose to locate to Arun when our infrastructure is so inadequate? Until we address the issue at the very heart of our local economy the economic stagnation will continue.

In an ideal world it would be reasonable to expect the government of the day to address our infrastructure deficit and provide funding without any need for linkage to housing development (which by the way is desperately needed).

However, as we all know, we are not in an ideal world and infrastructure provision without developer contributions is extremely rare!

Our local politicians seem unable to face up to this reality. Must the futures of our children be sacrificed on the altar of their denial?

I hope that Nick Herbert’s attempts to raise private and public funds for an Arundel Bypass, whilst avoiding contributions from housing development in his own back yard, are sincere and not just political posturing, but I can’t help feeling that it will be like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat – that isn’t there!

If Mr Herbert can prove me wrong (by raising the necessary funds) I will give £100 to a charity of his choice by way of penance for doubting his sincerity.

If I am right, then the economic stagnation will continue for as long as our local politicians refuse to face up to reality.

Tony Dixon

Barons Close, Westergate