Duty to protect buses

PUBLIC transport provides essential mobility for those without cars, and helps define a civilised, caring, and integrated society.

The availability of frequent buses running seven days a week, including evening services, and with unprofitable but essential routes subsidised by local taxes, serves the needs of everyone, car users and non car users alike.

We should reduce the number of cars congesting our roads, and the insatiable demand for evermore car parks and bypasses, by encouraging a green agenda to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Councillors have a civic responsibility to provide essential mobility, seven days a week, for the car-less, including the young, the elderly, the frail, the vulnerable and disabled, and those wishing to use cars less.

The proposed irresponsible reduction of essential bus services throughout the week and evenings would be an alarming infringement of equal opportunities’ legislation.

Local authorities have a public duty to protect essential bus services. Anything less would be a serious dereliction of responsibility.

Peter Lansley

Cedar Drive, Chichester