Duchess of Norfolk visits under-threat Camelia Botnar

THE Camelia Botnar Children’s Centre welcomed its patron, Georgina, Duchess of Norfolk on Monday.

Her Grace met parents and children that attend the Goring-based centre, which is under threat due to a lack of funding.

She said: “I have known about Camelia Botnar for 20 years and every time I come here I can see the great work that is being done. I have also known some of the staff for a long time and I know what they put in to their work here.

“I think the centre is serving such an important role in the community and has been doing so for so long.

“The children and the families are greatly cared for and this charity has never asked for help before, it has always stood on its own two feet and people do not realise what services it provides.

“Families with children with special needs find it hard and need supporting. It is paramount that the centre stays.”

Alexander Philips Estate Agents has pledged to donate 20 per cent of every sale to the centre from May 1.

Jamie Mead said: “We wanted to give something back to charity and we feel that as this is local and such a good cause this would be perfect. When you come here you can see how money is spent.”