Drivers raise concerns over road layout near County Mall car park

jpco 20-11-13 Road entrance to County Mall Car Park (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco 20-11-13 Road entrance to County Mall Car Park (Pic by Jon Rigby)

A roundabout layout in the town centre has been branded a “disaster waiting to happen”.

The mini roundabout, in Station Way, leading to the County Mall car park, had its layout changed when the ramp into the south side of the car park was created.

The ramp opened on April 9.

On the eastbound approach – with the car park to the left – there are two lanes.The left lane is only for drivers entering the ramp and is marked with an arrow indicating left.

But some drivers feel the new system is creating hazards.

Writing on the Crawley Observer Facebook page, Kelly Farnham said: “I’ve had several near misses, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

“I’m always in the right hand lane as I need the same lane to turn off towards South gate Avenue and the amount of times I’ve been cut up from people in the left hand lane.

“I do believe it is driver error on their behalf but also having a bad layout doesn’t help in the slightest, the roundabout is too tight to get round.”

Many people agreed. Lorraine Harris said the problem was the fault of drivers for not following the indicated directions.

She said: “If the left hand lane traffic turned into the car park as it is supposed to rather than going straight onto the roundabout there would be no problem.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said it had asked its contractor to erect a “new road layout ahead“ sign to make motorists aware of changes.

The spokesman said: “We have reviewed the approved signing and lane markings plans and they are correct.

“We think that people may still be selecting lanes in accordance with the old layout and that the problem will settle down once people get used to it. The works are nearing completion with the final inspection due shortly.

“After completion, a post construction safety audit will be commissioned, and if lane discipline is deemed to be a safety problem then remedial actions will be agreed and implemented.”