Dog-lovers sought by charity

DOG-LOVERS in the Worthing area are being sought by national charity Canine Partners to take puppies into their homes and begin their early training to be assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

The charity is specifically looking for volunteers, known as puppy parents, who can take a puppy into their home from the age of eight weeks until they are 12-14 months old.

Puppy satellite supervisor Ronnie Paskouis said: “Volunteering as a puppy parent is a rewarding opportunity for people who live in and around Worthing. Puppy parents train puppies in the early stages of their development before they go on to advanced training and are matched with someone who has a disability.

“Although previous experience with dogs is not required, a puppy parent will need to be home most of the day, have a secure, dog-friendly garden, enjoy the fun of classes and outings and have the stamina to manage an active young puppy. Canine Partners will provide food and equipment for the puppy and cover all veterinary costs for the duration of the puppy parent relationship.”

For more information, call puppy trainer Elaine Potter on 01730 716035 or email