Dog kennels to be built at Teville Gate

A PLANNING application has been approved for the Teville Gate site – but it is not the multi-million pound development many had hoped for.

While issues surrounding the ownership and future of the land continue, a temporary application to convert a disused toilet block into kennels to house stray dogs has been passed.

Worthing Borough Council’s planning committee heard dog wardens working on behalf of the authority needed a short-term space to house strays, after their contract with a Washington kennels expired.

A permanent solution will be sought in the interim, while the two-year application will not delay any future development of the land.

Commenting on the idea, Gaisford councillor Kevin Jenkins questioned whether the site was the right place for a kennels.

He said: “Is that (dogs barking) the sort of noise we want to hear in the gateway of the town? I personally think not.”

The kennels, to be located in the disused toilet block of the Teville Gate car park, will be fully soundproofed and secured at all times.

The plans conform to the guidelines of the RSPCA and will include a play space for the dogs to enjoy. Wardens will walk them daily.

Councillor Edward Crouch said the idea was an ‘innovative’ use of the space, which had not been used for nine years.

The committee all voted in favour of approval, apart from Mr Jenkins, who voted against.