Dismay at store plans

SO HERE we go again! A proposed larger Storrington Waitrose store that is not required and that most people don’t want.

Waitrose said they had an 87 per cent favourable response to their questionnaire, under 300 respondents out of the many hundreds of their customers.

Apparently 73 per cent of local people shop in supermarkets outside of the area. These shoppers like myself will not change their habits just because of a larger store.

In Worthing and in Horsham there is choice. We do shop in Waitrose Storrington and other local shops as well, but the bulk of our weekly shopping is not in Waitrose Storrington, for the reasons stated.

Should this development proceed it means the end of ‘Storrington Auto repairs’ with the loss of eight skilled mechanics’ jobs, and nowhere in the area for car repairs or MOTs.

The proposed in-store coffee shop will also have effect on local tea/coffee and eating shops.

I understand that local businesses exist on low profit margins as it is, and could be finished off by this development should it go ahead.

There would also be the loss of the pleasant oasis where one now waits for buses, the roundabout with its mature trees will be destroyed and the bus stops will be in the High Street, concentrating more fumes in the town centre!

If Waitrose have to take the adjacent empty shops, I don’t think anyone would argue with that.

One gets the feeling that it is the developer that is pushing Waitrose along on this matter.

If you love and like Storrington this proposed development needs to be stopped, it’s no good waiting until the bulldozers start and the trees are being felled.

John Bocquillon,