‘Disgusting state of repair’

Cllr Karl Williamson
Cllr Karl Williamson

The condition of one of the main roads through Crawley has been branded “disgusting”.

Cllr Karl Williamson (UKIP, Southgate) has called on West Sussex County Council (WSCC) to “wake up and act” over the problem of potholes within the town.

He said: “Southgate Avenue is in a disgusting state of disrepair because Conservative controlled WSCC won’t lift a finger to repair this main route into the town centre.

“On many occasions I have seen cars swerve to avoid these big craters on both sides of the road near the Arora Hotel.”

Cllr Williamson acknowledged the work of Cllr Michael Jones, Labour county councillor for Southgate and Central Crawley, who had raised the issue at County Hall, Chichester, on several occasions.

He accused the council of not listening and not caring and added: “Unfortunately, Southgate Avenue is not an isolated issue and there are many roads throughout Crawley that are riddled with potholes and uneven road surfaces – Manor Royal is a prime example of this.

“We will soon be coming into the winter season when our roads become notoriously bad again. It’s time for the county council to wake up and act.”

A spokesman for the county council confirmed that Southgate Avenue was listed in its Works Programme for 2014/15.

Cllr Jones branded that time frame “unacceptable.”

He said: “It’s no secret to anyone who has had the misfortune to have to travel along Southgate Avenue recently that the road is rough, bumpy and there are potholes and work needs to be done.

“I’ve been chasing officers to confirm what work needs to be planned but, as of yet, they have not got back to me.

“It’s my view that Southgate Avenue needs far more than surface dressing and what ever work needs to be done should be done with the minimum of disruption given its status as a main road through the town.

“I’m currently trying to press West Sussex County Council to actively take action that’s far more immediate than way off in 2015, which to my mind is unacceptable.”

To report a pothole, either contact the county council on 01243 642105 or log on to the Love West Sussex website love.westsussex.gov.uk/Reports