‘Dementia friendly’ town bid gets £125k

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A campaign to turn Crawley into a dementia friendly town will be officially launched next week.

The Crawley Dementia Alliance, which is made up of the NHS, voluntary groups, carers, and people living with dementia, will be at County Mall with the Alzheimer’s Society on Monday (May 20) to mark the start of the campaign. It is also the start of Dementia Awareness Week. There are currently around 1,200 people living in Crawley who have been diagnosed with dementia.

The Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group secured a £125,000 grant from the Prime Minister Dementia Challenge Fund to turn Crawley into a dementia friendly town. The alliance will bring much needed support to people in Crawley.

Dr Laura Hill, Dementia Friendly Town project lead at NHS Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group and GP at Leacroft Medical Practice, said: “The number of people living with dementia continues to increase and as more of our population gets older we will see even more people needing support and care in their communities. We are committed to improving how we look after people living with dementia, their families and carers. We want to create a town where people with dementia can be supported to stay well and live independently, where their everyday lives are made easy and they can continue to play an active and pivotal role in the life of the town. Making Crawley a Dementia Friendly Town can be as simple as improving awareness so that if someone living with dementia needs support or just simple understanding while out shopping, they will have it.”

Members of the new alliance will also visit Queens Square where they will give information and advice for anyone who is living with dementia, cares for someone with the condition, or is interested in supporting the initiative. Cllr Nigel Boxall, (Con, Tilgate) Cabinet member for Community Engagement at Crawley Borough Council, said the council supported the Crawley Dementia Alliance and its vital work in raising awareness of dementia. The alliance will be in Crawley from 10am-3pm.