Debut for Wilders

THE Wilders, one of the top bands on the US Americana circuit, will make a southern counties debut during their latest keep a promise to fans in Chichester.

Roots music lovers had asked the Kansas City-based four-piece if they would consider coming to their patch when they next returned to this side of the Atlantic.

The band promised to get their UK agent to see if it could be done - a promise fulfilled with a date at The Chichester Inn in Chichester on February 2.

It will be the first time in the area for the American combo, which has come to be known as “the hillbilly hurricane”.

Their last album, Someone’s Got To Pay, carried them to the finals of the annual Independent Music Awards in America, and they went on to win the Alt-Country Album of The Year title. The band has a new album scheduled for release in the spring.

Frontman Ike Sheldon said they were “kicking keen” to get to the UK and promising to arrive with all six cylinders firing.

“We get a huge amount of feedback from people and the majority of it is generated in the UK so we always try to pay as much attention as possible,” he said.

“We had some folks who were pleading with us not to by-pass Chichester this time so we asked our UK agent to do something about that and it turned out that Mark Ringwood, a highly-regarded promoter in the area, had been hoping to book us anyway!

“He has been putting some top names into the Chichester venue and we are pleased to get a chance to be added to that list.

“Although, it’s good to re-visit the same places and re-establish old friendships, it’s always a great thing to get a chance to play to a new crowd too.

“That’s what helps to keep the energy flowing and we guarantee that everyone in Chichester will get a chance to witness that first hand!”