Daytime parking ban on Worthing road

A PROPOSAL to introduce a daytime parking ban in Southdownview Road has been approved by Worthing County Local Committee.

Committee Chairman, Bob Smytherman said: “For a number of years there have been complaints about parking in Southdownview Road causing


“This was made worse when work on the EDF Energy car park led to staff parking more extensively in the road. However, once this work was

completed many staff chose to continue parking in the road close to their office.

“Correspondence between West Sussex Highways and EDF Energy in late 2009 resulted in agreement being reached that daytime parking restrictions would be introduced to encourage better use of its car park.

“We have agreed with residents that the parking ban in Southdownview Road will not apply to Bank Holidays. This is because there are no EDF employees using the site on such dates, which means there’s little need to prohibit parking.”

Worthing County Local Committee will also introduce ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ restrictions at a number of junctions along Southdownview Road as well as at Sheridan Road and Congreve Road along Dominion Way.

In addition, the Committee has authorised plans to create more parking in Beaumont Road by removing a disabled bay that is no longer in use,