Day of Politics sees students take to the polls

Southgate Primary School held a 'Day in Politics' 'jpco-22-04-15-southgate SUS-150416-114734001
Southgate Primary School held a 'Day in Politics' 'jpco-22-04-15-southgate SUS-150416-114734001
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Southgate Primary School held a ‘Day in Politics’ to give pupils the opportunity to learn about politics and give them a greater understanding about the General Election in May.

The school hall became the House of Commons and the children learnt about the different roles.

Assistant Headteacher Sharon Bondonno said: “The students were able to take the role of leaders such as David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband. The most popular role was the Speaker of the House, John Bercow, who called out “Order! Order!” during lively debates.”

The youngsters worked in teams to form their own parties and decide how they would solve the problems of society by listening carefully to problems and proposing solutions.

They made their own campaign materials, such as flags, bunting, rosettes and posters and canvassed other teams to win votes.

They had to prepare a speech for the hustings, where they shared their ideas with the rest of their class, before going to the polls to vote on who they would elect to government.

Sharon Bondonno said: “The teams were very well prepared and in each class it was a close run contest. The children at Southgate Primary School had a brilliant day, they now have a greater understanding of democracy and are excited about the political process. Perhaps one day some of the children will grow up to be politicians or even the Prime Minister as a result!”

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