Cup match abandoned as ground plunged into darkness

S06603H14''Shoreham FC's Middle Road ground ENGSUS00220141002090945
S06603H14''Shoreham FC's Middle Road ground ENGSUS00220141002090945

AN electrical fault plunged Shoreham Football Club into darkness last night, in the middle of a cup semi-final.

The Peter Bentley League Cup match between Newhaven and Chichester City at the Middle Road ground had to be abandoned when the floodlights were hurriedly switched off for safety reasons.

Confused spectators lingered around in the hope of a resumption, but with the ground plunged into darkness, it became evident there would be no more action.

The referee’s decision to abandon the game in the 53rd minute with City trailing 0-1 led to a furious reaction from the Newhaven players.

It was understood at the time that there had been a fire in the changing room block.

This morning, Stuart Slaney, chairman of Shoreham FC, said: “There was not a fire last night, there was an electrical fault that shorted out and cause a fuse to over heat.

“This has now all been rectified this morning. The game was stopped due to ensure safety measure were met and adhered to.”