Cub leader presented Award of Merit

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Nick Layt, assistant Cub Leader of Billingshurst Parbrook pack was presented with a special award - Award of Merit which was awarded for 12 years of outstanding service to the cubs at a recent camping trip.

This very special award is not an automatic award but one that has to be justified and the leader must be keen, conscientious, imaginative and show dedication to the service over a sustained period.

The award was throughly deserved as Nick has been running cubs for nearly 20 years and has a long standing record of excellence with all the packs he has run.

Nick was Assistant Cub Leader at 2nd Bracknell from 1985 to 1993 and then Cub Leader from 1998 to 2006 when he moved to Sussex.

He joined 1st Billingshurst’s Parbrook pack in November 2006 before becoming its leader in 2008.

In 2012 he stepped back to become Assistant Cub Leader again.

He also ran Cubs at Stubbington House school (in Ascot) in the early 1990s and 1st Wood End Cub pack in North Warwickshire from 1994 to 1997. Proving that Scouting is not just kids stuff - there is challenge and adventure for adults too.

The presentation which was a totally surprise to Nick was made by Steve Prower, Group Scout Leader of 2nd Bracknell and Deputy District Commissioner of South East Berkshire.

Cubs from Nick’s previous cub pack in Bracknell also attended the presentation along with his current pack from Billingshurst.

Steve Prower, Group Scout Leader at 2nd Bracknell said “Nick has been a 2nd Bracknell leader on and off since 1985 and despite moving to Sussex in 2006 has continued the relationship with us, not least by continuing to manage our website. We thought that was worth celebrating and so I’m delighted to be able to present him with the Award of Merit”.

Karen Brooks, Cub Leader of 1st Billingshurst’s Parbrook Cubs said “Like many other camps, Nick has planned this latest one for us.

“It has been very hard to weave in the 2nd Bracknell involvement without him finding out but he really had no idea this was coming. I’ve run Cubs with him since 2006 and this award is well deserved. We’ve certainly benefited from the ideas he brought with him and it is great to do joint activities with the Bracknell Cubs and leaders.”

Nick Layt said “It has been quite a day. People kept turning up and I had no idea why but it is lovely to receive the award. When I started as a 2nd Bracknell leader it was working with the inspirational Barry Smith who had been the leader for over 30 years. He was an amazing man and his legacy is all of us that are still involved in Scouting.”

Pictured shows Steve Prower, Group Scout Leader of 2nd Bracknell and Deputy District Commissioner of South East Berkshire district presenting Nick Layt with his certificate and award.