Uproar over village motorbike parking

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A man given a fine for parking his motorcycle by the side of a parking bay in Cuckfield is incensed because he says there are no designated areas for motorbikes.

Nick Thompson, from Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath, says he has been parking his machine at Broad Street car park in the village without problems for nearly a year.

He says there are no specific motorcycle parking bays in the car park, so has parked his machine by the side of a bay while he has gone to his work as a care assistant.

“Suddenly after nearly one year, I have received a parking ticket for failing to park in an allocated parking space. However, since there are none whatsoever in the entire village of Cuckfield, it is impossible to comply with this request,” he said.

But Mid Sussex District Councillor Gary Marsh, said: “If a dedicated bay is not available then moped and motorcycle users can park in any standard car parking space”.

He said the place where Mr Thompson chose to park meant his motorcyclewas blocking access to a disabled parking bay, making it difficult to access a car from the passenger side and also blaocked a pedestrian walkway around the edge of the car park.

He said Mr Thompson had a right to appeal if he felt the decision was unfar.