Sussex Police security reminder ahead of Bonfire Night


Sussex Police are reminding residents to safeguard their homes from burglars as the busiest day for burglaries in the year approaches.

Statistics from the last five years reveal there are more burglaries in the five-day period from November 5 than at any other time of the year.

This year, police are working with Neighbourhood Watch groups as well as neighbouring forces to encourage residents to make their homes secure and to report suspicious behaviour.

There were 80 burglaries committed in Sussex on November 5 between 2009 and 2013 - an average of 16 crimes on that day each year.

In comparison, there were nine burglaries on average per day in Sussex last year.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Betts said: “The statistics show that Bonfire Night and the days around it are popular with burglars as residents go out to events in the evenings.

“We’re determined to change that pattern this year by showing residents how they can make their homes more secure and less inviting to intruders.

“Our PCSOs are also organising street surgeries across the county to give burglary prevention advice to residents.”

Simple things like making sure windows and doors are locked, putting lights on a timer and not leaving valuables on display can make the difference between being burgled or not, police said.

John Wright, the chairman of Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation and a trustee of the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network, said: “For more than 30 years, Neighbourhood Watch has been partnering police in the prevention and detection of crime, as well as public and community safety.

“If everybody were to keep an eye open for things out of the ordinary and immediately contacted the police about suspicious activity, career criminals could be put behind bars and prevented from committing further crimes.

“It’s all about care in the community and ordinary people helping each other out. The evidence is that where Neighbourhood Watch schemes operate, the chances of being burgled are hugely reduced. And the beauty of it all is that Neighbourhood Watch is free to join.”

Anyone with information about burglaries or shops selling stolen goods can call 101 or email