Stolen items waiting to be reclaimed

County news.
County news.

Detectives are appealing for the owners of several items to come forward after they were discovered during a recent police search.

It is thought they may have been stolen in burglaries of houses in the south of Horsham District earlier this year; places such as Billingshurst, Henfield and Cowfold.

The distinctive items are:

a tin case with a painting on the front of a farm, with ‘Farmstead’ written on it

a gold encased compass in a beige circular tub

an old notebook with an elegant hard cover featuring an anchor set in a floral design. The cover can be secured with a clasp

a piece of ivory

a crotchet game held in an ivory/bone tubular casing

a crotchet game in a rectangular box

an ivory quill pen, along with box, made in Dieppe

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “These are the remaining items of a much larger amount of property that was found during this search. Owners have already come forward to identify many of the items, but we want to make sure that the remaining items are also eventually reunited with their owners.”

If anyone knows who any of the items belong to, they are asked to contact Sussex Police on 101 quoting Op Casa or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.