Search for owner of stolen items

Medal and pictures
Medal and pictures

Two distinctive items, along with a number of other items, were found at a raid of a property in Bognor Regis in April this year and Sussex Police want to return them to their rightful owners.

Most of the other items found, which are believed to have been stolen, have been returned to their owners over the last few months.

However a medal and a photo album were found at the address and attempts to reunite them in their original owners haven’t been successful.

The medal is an Imperial Service Medal awarded to John Edward Whiter on 26 April 1960 on his retirement from his work as a postman with the London Postal Region.

Officers have tried but have been unable to trace the owner of this medal.

The photo album contains pictures taken from the 1940s which look like they were taken in the Bognor area.

Detective Constable Steve Shaw said: “We hope John Whiter or his family might still live in Bognor and we can return this medal to its rightful owner. The owner of the photo album must have been devastated to lose these photos, which probably have a lot of sentimental value. We’d really like anyone who knows who they might belong to to come forward to police on 101.”