Road safety crackdown in Chichester area

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Latest news.

An operation aimed at promoting road safety was held in Fishbourne and East Ashling on Thursday (August 23), led by the Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team.

While the main aim of the day was to deal with speeding vehicles in the two villages, motorists committing other road offences were also targeted including those who were driving whilst using a mobile telephone and driving without a seatbelt.

PCSO Jason Lemm said: “We have listened to local residents who have raised concerns to us about speeding in and around their communities. This day will form part of an ongoing operation where we will continue to work with local neighbourhoods to deal with the issue of speeding.”

During the day a total of seven fixed penalty notices were issued to motorists for offences that included speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and use of a mobile phone, whilst a number of vehicles were stopped and words of general advice issued.

Anyone interested in joining a Community Speed Watch volunteer group in their area is asked to visit or contact their local PCSO who will be happy to answer any questions. There are many volunteer groups that are already established who use speed calming equipment loaned from the police on a regular basis.