Police warning to ‘street racers’ menacing a village near Horsham


A warning has gone out from police to ‘street racers’ who are causing havoc to people in a village near Horsham.

Speeding drivers have been menacing residents in Broadbridge Heath for months with late-night noisy races around the village.

Residents fear that someone could end up being killed. They say that drivers have been speeding dangerously round the village almost every night between midnight and 2am.

They have been seen driving the wrong way round a local roundabout and ‘drifting’ their vehicles.

Now police say they are looking at introducing traffic-calming measures - and are warning the speeding drivers they could face a £1,000 fine.

A spokesman said they had received seven complaints over the issue during the past two months.

He said: “It would appear that problems are mainly occurring at weekends, late at night and into the early hours of the morning.

“As well as being taken up by our local prevention team, our roads policing unit has been made aware.

“The issue has also been raised with the Highways Agency to see whether traffic-calming measures might be available.

“A Public Space Protection Order exists in Horsham which includes anti-social driving and renders any person found committing an offence liable to a fixed penalty notice of up to £100.

“If not paid, this can be taken to court where the maximum fine is £1,000.”

Inspector Jim Loader added: “I would encourage anyone who sees dangerous or anti-social driving to report it to the police. The more information we have, the more we can do to be in the right areas and prevent problems from occurring or continuing.”