Pedestrian ‘jumped level crossing barriers’ in Chichester

British Transport Police
British Transport Police

A police investigation has been launched after reports a man jumped over the level crossing barriers in Whyke Road, and ‘narrowly missed being hit by a train’.

The incident shortly after 12.10pm on Monday was reported to British Transport Police as a level crossing misuse.

A spokesperson for Network Rail condemned the behaviour as ‘idiotic’.

He said: “While we can have the safest possible measures in place at level crossings, we can’t completely remove the risk of accidents if some people are capable of being so stupid just to shave a few seconds off their journey.

“While he clearly could have been killed, causing years of grief and anguish for his loved ones, his actions could also have impacted the safe and reliable running of the railway.

“Hopefully it goes without saying, but people should never jump the barriers at a level crossings.”

Appealing for information, a police spokesperson said: “It is believed that a man jumped over the level crossing barriers and narrowly missed being hit by a train as he attempted to cross.

“Were you in the area at the time? Did you see anything? Please call 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 if you have any information which could help officers investigate.”