Off-licences fined for selling alcohol to under-age children

Sussex Police’s Licensing Team are currently conducting undercover operations at off-licences in the Arun area.

According to a police statement, sixteen-year-old children have been given authority under the Licensing Act to purchase alcohol from premises and test whether the staff are diligent enough to refuse the sales.

The police say that among the off-licences already caught selling alcohol to children are: Pick-A-Wish, High Street Bognor; The Offie, High Street, Littlehampton and The Local Offie, Wick Parade, Littlehampton.

Offences have been dealt with through on-the-spot-fines for £80 to the person who sold the alcohol to the children.

Police are currently dealing with the management of the premises to ensure that correct staff training and other preventative measures are implemented.

Sergeant Simon Morgan of the West Sussex Licensing Team said: “It is an offence to sell or allow the sale of alcohol to a person under 18. Sussex Police expect the management and staff of these stores to take responsibility to protect children from harm and ensure that sales of alcohol are not made to young people.

“Preventing the sale of alcohol to children is viewed very seriously by Sussex Police who will not hesitate to ask the Licensing Authority to conduct a review of the licenses of poorly managed premises, asking for suspension or even revocation of the licence.”